I am an avid cook, who happens to be male.  I’ve been cooking since I was very young — starting with breakfast when I was old enough to operate the stove safely.  I enjoy all types of food and have a really hard time answering the question, “what do you like to cook?”  How do you say, “Well, pretty much everything,” without sounding like you’re avoiding the question.

I remember when I was growing up one of my best friends (who happened to be a girl) often said that she couldn’t boil water.  I believe that everyone who can read a recipe can create marvelous food — that’s how I got started.  I also know people who profess that they “don’t enjoy food.”  Maybe they truly don’t, but I suspect they are either afraid of cooking or haven’t been around truly inspiring food.

Cooking does not have to be complicated, though I’m the first to admit that I like complex food.  Cooking can be quick, easy, and fulfilling both in terms of what ends up on the plate as well as how it makes one feel.