Steady.org is maintained by Damien DeVille, who has spent his years since 1997 working in the Internets in one way or another. Damien is a Warrior, Cyclist, Father, and Husband. Damien is also a Coffee Achiever, Cook & Eater, Penn Stater, and a Juniper Networks Systems Engineer.

He has a strong background in TCP/IP and Information Security, as well as Routing and Switching.

For those who are curious, the name comes from a Brooklyn Funk Essentials album called “Cool, Steady and Easy.” At one time every piece of email that I sent had the following X-header:

X-State-Of-Mind: Cool, Steady, and Easy

Damien stopped messing with mail headers in late 1999 and now prefers to mess with cameras, bikes, and fishing poles when he has free time.

Anything published here is Damien’s (unless otherwise noted) and should not be taken as the views of his current, past, or future employers.