Out in the woods

I finally got out in the woods yesterday.  I’ve been longing to get out in the woods for a few weeks.  I had high hopes that this would be a family event, but that did not come to pass.  I spent some time at Patapsco State Park near Elkridge, MD yesterday afternoon.  The smell of the decaying leaves, the earth, felt good in my nostrils.

I took an easy hike starting in the Avalon Area of the park, over the swinging bridge, and north on the paved path until I came to the “Forest Glen Path.” I took this path which ascends from the Patapsco valley toward Catonsville, MD.  I saw a few other walkers on the path but it was far from crowded.  Just what I needed — a bit of solitude and time alone.

The weather was a bit cold for mid October in MD, but I was happy for it.  Also, there seemed to be a front moving through and the sky alternated between cloudy and sunny.  There was a brief period of light rain.  I was glad to be wearing my new  Gore-Tex shell.  I have Mrs. TKD to thank for the reminder to take it as I left the house.

When I got to the end of the trail, I found myself in an area known as the Hilton Area, and there was a really cool playground made of used tires there.  I plan to bring Mr. Grey back to see it.  I showed him pictures of it on-line last night and he said, “I should have gone to Patapsco with you.”  I thought to myself, “yeah, buddy, you should have,” but I kept that thought to myself.

I wish we lived closer to some wilderness.  The fact that we have to get in the car to find some empty spaces really wears on me.  Growing up I had open spaces right across the street from our house.  I could go out and be in farmer’s fields in as little as 100 yards.

I enjoyed playing outside in the fields for hours upon end.  Sometimes I saw wildlife.  Sometimes I climbed up trees and hung out in them until the sun set.  Sometimes I ate wild raspberries.  Sometimes I got poison ivy.  Sometimes that happened in February (the poison ivy).

There was an old abandoned house that was nearby, tucked back in the woods.  I usually didn’t remember that it was there, and didn’t go to find it very often, but every now and then, I came upon it and was always surprised to find it.

Things were different when I was a kid.  I roamed around those fields and woods alone for hours at a young age, perhaps 9 or 10 years old.  I can’t imaging letting Mr. Grey out in the wilderness on his own.  And then again, I wonder if it would be really good for him.

It probably would.

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