Winter Update

I promised myself, this winter would be different. I wouldn’t fall behind on all my normal activities and hibernate. I’d keep riding my bike. I’d keep in touch with friends. I wouldn’t let the cold keep be indoors. I would write in my journal. I’d write on this blog.

Pretty much none of that happened. It’s March 1st and the last time I wrote for was in November, around Thanksgiving. I haven’t been on my bike since October. What the fuck have I been doing?

Predictably, the month of December was a mad house. One thing about being in a pre-sales engineering role for work is that the end of the year matters. Work was busy. The days were shorter. The darkness crept in and blamo, it was full on winter blues even if I didn’t recognize it.

Then there was Christmas, and Mr. Grey’s birthday is two days after Christmas. So pretty much that week was shot. Next came our company sales kick off meetings, and an unusually active January and February as far as work goes. Suddenly, it’s March 1st and I don’t really know where the time went.

On the positive side, I have started using a Jawbone UP24 and now know a bit more about myself. For example, if I have an appointment that’s an hour away from my home and I don’t deliberately walk, I may only get 2000 steps in that day. And if I am left to my own, I’ll sleep 8.5 hours a night or even longer.

Today, as I was walking my 3 mile walk to get some steps in, I passed a biker on the B&A trail and it dawned on me that I should have gone out for a ride. It’s not going to happen today, but maybe I can get myself to get up and move toward the bike in the morning. If I don’t, it will be at least another week as we’re about to get pummeled with 8–12 inches of snow here in Maryland.

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