More Light

Hay Fight

Fall’s just about here.

Every year, I wait for summer to come to it’s final end and there’s that awkward month of September. See, In my world, Summer’s over at the end of August, but the weather doesn’t always get around to being fall-like until October. September is that month that’s awkward because it’s still hot, but I’m ready for it to be cool and the light is fading.

I knew that fall was coming when the weather started to turn cooler and when the day time temperature stopped spiking in the high Seventies or low eighties. Still, the trees are mostly green here in Maryland so it doesn’t quite feel like fall. But the light is gone and that is a sure sign that fall is here.

The next few weeks are about the best and the worst of the year. The temperatures come down, the night chill sets in, we eat good things like pork and sauerkraut or chowders. It feels cozy in the house with the windows closed – not stuffy, but not cold. Those are the best parts.

The worst part – well, the worst part is that the sun doesn’t come up until nearly 7:00 AM and soon it will be setting by 5:00 PM. No matter how much I try to compensate with a light box, there just isn’t enough light.

Some people count down to Christmas. I count down to 12/21. Because on 12/22, the day is infinitesimally longer and that marks the transition toward more light.

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