A Letter to Mr. Grey on his first day of Kindergarten

mr.grey-1stdayDear Mr. Grey

When you were born, people told me that you’d grow up too fast and that I would be surprised how quickly it all happened. In those first few weeks, it was hard to imagine that you’d ever sleep through the night, pee in the toilet, or wipe your own bottom, let a lone grow up. But, they were right. You’re growing up so quickly that I can hardly believe it. It may not feel that way to you, but trust me, in about 40 years when you have a little one of your own, you’ll understand.

This week is a big week for you, buster. You’re starting Kindergarten. You’ll go to school one day this week and next week you’ll be in school 3 out of 5 days. The real shock will be the following week when you’ll start going to school every day that Daddy goes to work.

You’re going to find out that the are things you like about school. You’ll probably like reading and art. You’ll like the numbers and the letters (you already do) and you’ll find computer class interesting. Though, you’ve already noticed that the computers at school are not Apple Computers and you’ve already asked me if they’re good enough. (They aren’t, but I’ll told you that they are).

There will probably be a few things that you don’t like about school. Getting up and out the door early, being there all day, having to follow rules. But over time you’ll become accustomed to these changes in your routine and they will start to be less irritating.

You’re going to have several friends in your class to start with, but I’m afraid to say that the little girl for whom you proclaim your love daily will not be there. She’ll be in a different elementary school. When you get to middle school, if her family and ours are still in the same town, she’ll be in the same school as you.

You’re going to make new friends at school. There are about 25 kids in your class and you only know 4 of them well. So, I’m sure that Mom and I will hear about some new friends. Always remember to make new friends but keep the old ones. This will become especially important later in life – you’re oldest friends will likely be your most trusted.

Yup, you’re a big boy now and this is just the beginning. I know you’re going to do great and that we’ll have lots of fun on the weekends when you’re not in school.


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