I got this!

Penny Frathings
Penny Farthings

Now that I’m back from vacation, I’m finding that I need some motivation for my mojo.  Getting back into the swing of things is never easy, but it seems especially difficult after Cooperstown.  Work is well, work, and relatively uninspiring.  Lots of craziness like people asking for things that don’t exist (10GbE with PoE for example).

To get my mojo back, I’m diving back into cycling and managing my caloric intake.  This is at least something positive to focus on.

Despite eating too much good food, and drinking more Ommegang brews than I probably should have, I didn’t spike upward in my weight.  In fact, I’m down again.  This is monumentally good.

I’ve got less than four months to hit my goal of dropping 30 pounds this year.  I’m down 13.6 pounds which means that I have 16.4 left to drop by December.  That’s only 4 pounds a month!  It will take some motivation

I got this.

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