I’ll Miss You, Cooperstown

A Week in Cooperstown, NY
A Week in Cooperstown, NY

We spent last week on Lake Otsego in Cooperstown, NY with friends and had a great time. The weeks leading up to the trip were a bit hectic for me, with three weeks of travel for work and I was ready for a break. At the beginning of the week of the 5th, Mrs. TKD and I decided that it would be best if I were to fly to Albany on the Friday that our rental started so that we could avoid having two cars. That Friday Morning I tweeted:

“Fifth flight in 11 days. Glad this ones for vacation. And glad the past two weeks have been out of the ordinary.”

When we arrived in Cooperstown we were greeted by a small, but cozy, cottage on the side of the lake. The boys were in the lake almost immediately. We spent our days either in the lake, on the boat, or around the area at local museums and attractions.

We went to the Farmer’s Museum one day and I was thrilled to see my son enjoying the simpler side of things. So much of our modern life is dominated by the iPad and television that sometimes it’s easy to forget that he’s five and full of wonder. He was very interested in the chickens (maybe too much for his own good – it’s a wonder he didn’t get pecked). He also enjoyed seeing the bulls, and he can correctly identify what makes a bull a bull and not a cow. He also really dug seeing the blacksmith make nails in the shop. While we were there, I enjoyed looking at the gardens, full of perennials and I took some notes on the varieties to add around the house.

Brewery Ommegang

We took a trip out to Brewery Ommegang and enjoyed a great lunch that was classically Belgian. Fries with mayonnaise based sauces, a ham and swiss crepe for me, and a fondue for Mrs. TKD. Mr. Grey pretty much refused to eat anything on the menu. I enjoyed many Ommegang beers while we were in the region.

One afternoon, I really needed a break from the boys and I spent the afternoon at the Fenimore Art Museum. I was thrilled to have a chance to enjoy some quiet time and explore the exhibits. There is a very large exhibit of Native American folk art that was brilliant. There was a saddle that was entirely covered in beads that really blew me away. But the part that was most exciting was the temporary Wyeth exhibit.

A Day at the Farmer's Museum
A Day at the Farmer’s Museum

The Wyeth exhibit included works from N. C. Wyeth, Andrew Wyeth, Caroline Wyeth, Henrietta Wyeth and her husband Peter Hurd as well as James Wyeth. Several years ago, Mrs. TKD and I saw a Wyeth exhibit in Rockland, ME and we were lucky enough to meet Andrew Wyeth’s grand daughter Victoria. She was a hoot when she wasn’t giving the tour and let her hair down with the comment, “Yeah, he’s always fucking around. There’s always something hidden in his paintings.” Then she pointed out that his reflection was in a doorknob in one of his paintings.

We did not go to the Baseball Hall of Fame. If there’s one unfortunate thing about Cooperstown it’s that the downtown is dominated (and spoiled) by Baseball. Nearly every shop is dedicated to the game, which is all well and good, but it just doesn’t fit in with the beauty of the region and the architecture of the town.

It’s Sunday afternoon as I write this and I know that I’ve got to go back to work starting tomorrow. I’d rather be back on Cooperstown.

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