Preparing for the 2013 BikeMS Mason-Dixon Challenge

Mason-Dixon Challenge
Mason-Dixon Challenge

I woke to the sound of thunder around quarter to six this morning and thought, “oh no, it’s raining. I hope it stops before tomorrow.” Now, it’s not only that tomorrow is Saturday – while that would normally be just cause to wish that it wasn’t going to rain – it’s that tomorrow is the day of the 2013 Bike MS Mason-Dixon Challenge. Tomorrow will be my fourth year of riding for MS and I’m happy to say I’ve raised over $3000 for the event. I’ve got a lot of great, generous friends!

The first time was back in 2010 and was only a few months after I got my road bike. It was a brutal 2 day ride as the summer was in full swing and the temperatures were well into the 100s with extreme humidity. People suffered heat stroke on Saturday. I was lucky, but I struggled – really struggled – on the hills and with the heat. I raised about $1400 that year.

In 2011, I rode the Mason-Dixon Challenge for the first time. After one year, I saw an improvement in my performance, but I was still not really ready for the ride. I struggled pretty profusely on that ride. I’d also been a jackass the week before and had downed quite a bit of whisky on the Thursday before the ride. I raised about $2300 that year for the charity.

Last year, I rode the same ride, but I was markedly improved. It’s amazing what a few years of consistent riding will do for you. I remember one of the guys on the ride commenting that I’d really improved in a year. I raised about $2600 in 2012.

When I total up all the money that I’ve raised over the past 4 years, it’s just over $9300, which is remarkable. The money goes to the Central Pennsylvania Chapter of the National MS Society and does a lot of good for a lot of people who suffer with the disease. As I reflect on these facts one thing comes to mind:

Tomorrow’s going to be a great day. No matter what happens with the weather.

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