A Ride on Day 5


I woke at six AM. Today was to be the first time I hit the SPP bagel ride at 7:30 in about nine months and it was to be the first time I’d ride with the group without any hangover. Yup, I made it through my first Friday night without any booze.

I got kitted up in my gear and headed down to the kitchen for my pre ride fuel up. Espresso, Yogurt Parfait, and a side of NUUN to make sure I was hydrated before heading out. I was out the door at 6:55, planning a leisurely pace to the designated meet up spot. Without much hurry, I readied the bike and started turning the pedals around 7:05 – 25 minutes to go about 3 miles. No problem, I’d be mega early. That’s what I thought.

At the end of Pin Oak Rd, there’s a house with lovely gardens. In the winter, I can see well to my right as I come up to the stop, but in the summer, all those beautiful flowers effectively cut off my view down the street. Just before I was about to launch into the intersection, I registered that there was a F250 barreling down the road and I was about to become a pancake. Instinctively, I locked up the rear brakes.

The road was a bit slick and I felt the bike coming out from under me, but I was stopping. I let up on the brakes and corrected without taking a spill. Looking down at my tire, I saw that with each revolution there was a white spot where black should be. I’d worn through to the webbing in the tire. No way I could ride a 30 mile ride on that. So, I turned around to go back to the house.

I changed the tire in record time – even with adding a new tube since I botched up the presta valve on the old one taking it out. Now, I was behind schedule. I had to cook it to get to the meet up. And I did, I laid the hammer down and was cruising at about 18–19 mph (fast for me) to the meet up. I made it with enough time to turn around, take a swig of my drink and push-off.

We road into Annapolis and I did well, given that I’ve been rather slack on the bike riding lately. After breakfast, we headed out to Bay Ridge where I managed a Strava PR on the Herndon Ave / Bay Ridge road loop along the Chesapeake Bay. I only really struggled late in the ride on the way home, but I’m good with that.

All in all, it was a great ride, despite the false start, and I added 36.9 to my YTD mileage, bringing me up to 818 for the year. Two weeks to my MS Ride in Gettysburg, so I’ll have to get out for at least one more longish ride in the very near future.

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