Big Wind

One thing about riding on the coast is the wind. There may not be hills, but there is a nearly constant wind and it always seems to be a headwind, no matter what direction you’re going. I left the beach house at about 9:15 for a ride this morning and was immediately greeted by the wind. Yahoo weather says it’s 14mph sustained right now, and I was riding at 14–15 mph, so it felt like a lot more.

I took a right out of the neighborhood and into Cape Henlopen State Park. Shortly after entering the park I came upon a deer on the side of the bike trail. She was casually browsing the grass and saplings. The deer in Cape Henlopen are so accustomed to people, that my presence didn’t even spook her. I passed within 5 feet of her and she wasn’t phased at all.

Battery Smith U.S.E.D 1941
Battery Smith
U.S.E.D 1941

I rode most of the park and saw a few things that I’ve never noticed before, like Battery Smith and Battery Herring. Cape Henlopen was a military fort in World War II with the mission of keeping watch for German U-Boats at the mouth of the Delaware Bay.There are several Batteries where canons once stood like sentries over the dunes. Now, the park is a preserve of several hundred acres of land on the seashore. It’s peaceful and serene with scraggly pine trees growing all throughout the dunes. As I rode along Dune Road, I heard something that I’ve not heard in a long time. The call of a Quail (Bob-White, Bob-White) and it made me smile.

Leaving the park, I headed into Lewes over the steel grate drawbridge and turned left onto Gills Neck Road. This put me on a course directly into the wind. There are times when riding on the shore when I’d gladly give up the wind for a hill. This was one of those times. I tucked down into my drops and gave it all I had, which was good enough to get me to the end of the road, where a right turn on Kings Highway put the wind squarely at my back. Easy spinning from there to the house.

All tolled, it was a great ride.

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