Weather Madness

Weather Madness is upon us once again. We’re expected to get some bad storms over the next 24 hours. People are freaking out. Derecho is being thrown about. But it’s not just people who are going mad, the weather really has gone mad. And it’s the result of climate change.

As I write, this I’m on vacation at the beach in Delaware. We have had some good days here but we drove to the beach in the tail end of the seasons first tropical storm. We had very severe thunderstorms the other night. The line of storms stretched from New York to Virginia. They’re calling for wind and hail tomorrow. That’s a bit mad.

It’s disturbing that the weather is so strange. I don’t understand how people can be climate change deniers – other than that it must conflict with deeply rooted personal belief systems. It’s horrifying to think that scientific facts can be callously ignored by so many people.

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