Working to make sure vacation doesn’t equal backslide


As you may recall, I broke my chain on a ride two Fridays ago. Since I’d failed to install the chain correctly, I wasn’t going to plunk down another $50 to get a new one just to fuck it up again. So I made an appointment to take the bike in for service. I’ve been thinking of changing out my crankset for a compact and changing out the cassette to make my life a bit easier on the hills. I had originally gotten some bad advise — I was told that my current FSA cranks would need to be replaced as well as the chain rings. Turns out that was not the case.

The shop couldn’t take it until Tuesday so I was out of a bike for quite some time – Friday May 31st to Friday June 7th to be exact. For a variety of reasons, I wasn’t able to ride over the weekend — mostly due to weather and travel. Yesterday, it freakin’ poured all day. So, after not getting on the bike for over a week, I was starting to feel a bit like I’d lost my focus on this whole weight loss thing.

I was diligently keeping track of my calories last week, but I wasn’t getting any exercise, and I really wasn’t keeping my calorie intake in check. So, I was over by a lot most days, but I still managed to drop .2 of a pound last week. Now, I’m enjoying being on vacation, and I have to admit that the first few days, I’ve been a total slacker on the weight loss front. I’m changing that. There’s no reason to let vacation turn into backside.

So I got out on the new kit today. What a difference a new drive train makes. With the exception of a minor problem with my cadence sensor, I had no technical difficulties on the bike and shifting was easy. The derailleurs seemed to glide from one ring to another. It didn’t hurt that I was touring my favorite state park and small town on the Delaware coast.

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