Ain’t Dyin’ Yet


I just got great news!

I ain’t dying!

I had a nuclear stress test today.  The kind where they inject you with radioactive stuff that makes your blood and heart glow.  And all systems are normal.

100% Normal.

This ends two weeks of worry that there was something latently wrong with my ticker.

While on the treadmill, trying to get to a pulse of 153 and struggling, the technician said, “This is your reward for being in shape.”

Well, Fuck Yeah.  I’m good with that.

I guess all the miles on the bike are paying off in ways that I don’t even realize — even if they aren’t significantly impacting my waistline.  Back in 2006, I struggled to keep up on the treadmill after 130 bpm when I had to do the stress test, today I was ready to rock out for a good 20 minutes at 153 bpm.

When the glow wears off, I’ll let you know.

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