Better Food — Less Booze — More Cycling

I haven’t been doing things right.  Not for a while.  From May 3rd until May 20th, I really wasn’t paying attention to the things that are most important to meeting my goal for the year.  Those things are eating right, being mindful of alcohol intake, and cycling on a regular basis.

I love food.  Love it.  Maybe too much.  And like most Americans, I’m crave voluptuous, sexy foods — salty, fatty, feel good foods.  Pizza, bratwurst, burgers, cheesesteaks, french fries.

Beer and bourbon are my drinks of choice.  And I love beer and bourbon.  Again too much.

I also love cycling, but lets face it, if I’m chompin’ on cheesesteaks and fries and washing them down with beer, well, that makes getting on the bike harder.  It’s a vicious cycle, intake food that’s not so good for you, wash it down with beer, feel sluggish, don’t cycle.

This shouldn’t be news to me, but somehow I seem to forget it every now and again.  And when I do that, I gain weight.  I’m up a few pounds and nowhere near being on track to lose 30 pounds this year.  The year is nearly half over and I’ve lost 10, but put about 5 of that back on.  The other morning, instead of paying attention to my job, I read the news and some blogs.  I came across this post over at grit and glimmer.  An 8 week challenge to lose 12 pounds.  1.5 per week.

I’m in.

Yesterday, I took my morning ride after a night of eating well and no booze.  It felt great.  It felt natural.  It felt right.  As usual, my mind started to wander as I was cycling and I honed in on a little mantra with the pedal strokes:

Better food — Less Booze — More Cycling

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