Insomnia and a ride

Early Rides are Good Rides
Early Rides are Good Rides

04:26:  I wake up because I needed to pee, because I’d had more beers than I should have on a week night.  The house was hot, happens this time of year, we need to run the AC to cool down the upstairs but then when the nighttime temp drops, the AC doesn’t run.  I moved to the guest room.

05:02:  Still awake. Not going to go back to sleep.  Either toss and turn or get up.  Read email.  Bad call.  Starting the day irritated early.

05:05: I get up and put my contacts in.  Get ready to ride and head out the door.  No food — probably a mistake.

05:18: On the road and hustling to get to the meet up at the rusty bridge.  Hustling cause I’m always afraid I’ll be late to things, but in reality, I’m almost always early.  First one there.  I read email, and respond to the one that got me up.

05:45: We roll.  I keep pace for about 5 miles, but then the hill in Round Bay saps me of my speed and stamina.  I never catch up.  That’s okay, I kept pace in the  20 mph range for a while and feel good about that.

06:30: I’m home.  Wet, hungry and thirsty.  Coffee, Shower, Eat.

Rinse.  Repeat.

2 thoughts on “Insomnia and a ride

  1. Yes. Early is good. Early is the only time that I consistently have without other obligations. This morning 5:15am, 73 degrees, 78% humidity. 15.5 miles.


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