TBallWhen Mr. Grey was old enough to talk, a lot of interesting things started to come out. My favorite was the word “lasterday,” which was his word for “yesterday.” Of course, he only used this word of his for a short time, but it was very cute when he did. He quickly outgrew it as his vocabulary improved and he started using “yesterday” correctly.

Much has been written about the meditative quality of cycling. I often find my thoughts drifting around when I’m on the bike. Usually they have a lot to do with how to be a better father, how to live a healthier life, and how I really should get out on the bike more often.  Today, I was consumed with the word “lasterday.”

I think the reason it was fresh in my mind is that yesterday was a hard day for me with Mr. Grey.  Somehow, it seems like things were easier when he was younger. Perhaps that’s hindsight, perhaps that’s distance, perhaps that’s rose-colored glasses, but somehow, “lasterday” seems to have been easier.

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