This might take some “gettin’ used to”

8581878687_68fb81b9d2_nI’m upping my game.  That’s what I tell myself.

Riding more.  Eating better.

It’s all part of upping my game.

And it is, but things were starting to feel stale.  I ride the same stretch of the B&A trail 3-5 times a week.  That’s stale.  That’s boring.  That’s, well, de-motivational.

So, I took a look at things a few weeks ago and decided to get re-acquainted with an old friend, my Specialized Rockhopper.  It’s wasn’t a marvelous machine when it was new, but it was what I could afford when I was, gulp, 27.  Now 13 years later, its clunky, rattly and most of all heavy.  The fucker must way 28 pounds.  But I can’t bring myself to plunk down $1300-1700 on a new ride and I know I wouldn’t be happy with something lower end.  So, I’m reworking the old bike.

I pulled the slicks off it and added Continental Trail Kings, 2.2.  Front and rear.  Probably will reconsider 2.2 in the front, it’s a bit unwieldy.  My fork hasn’t worked right since about a month after I bought the bike, so I’ve ordered a new fork for it.  For about $400, I’m all in again and can probably be quite happy with the bike for the time being.

However, I completely forgot what riding a 28 pound bike with big fat knobby tires was like.  It’s slow.  Fun, but slow.  It probably didn’t help that I went into the ride with 89 miles under my belt in the last four days, or that it was windy as all get out today.

Today’s ride was far from “epic” but I did find a little dirt (thanks to some of the good folks in the Severna Park Peloton).  I had thought that I’d found a great little set of trails near the house, but upon riding down the hill and reading the sign, I found that I was unwelcome on my bike.  So, I peddled on and went to Kinder Farm and got a little off-road riding in.

It felt great to be off-road again, but it is a completely different experience than riding on the road.  It’s gonna take some “gettin’ used to” before I feel as comfortable on the mountain bike as I do on the road bike.

I’ll get there.

I’m upping my game.

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