Common Sense is uncommon on bike trails

The only thing common about “common” sense is how uncommon it is.

I was reminded of this today as I was cycling on the B&A trail and noticed that once again (as the weather warms) the trail is full of people not thinking.  It’s not all about cyclists vs. runners either.  Both cyclists and runners do stupid things on the trail.


If you wear them and are playing your music so loud that I can hear it as I pass you, there’s no way you’re going to hear me say “Passing on your left” or anything else.  I get it, running is boring and really should best be saved for getting away from bears or the police.  I don’t get cyclists who ride with headphones, but that’s another post entirely.  Please for the love of god people, don’t endanger yourself and others by wearing headphones while you are running or cycling on the trail.

Walking 3 abreast 

Okay, the trail is only 8 feet wide.  Three bodies with a comfortable distance between them, easily takes up the entire width of the trail. There simply isn’t enough room for opposing traffic, on foot or on bike.  You’re endangering yourself and others when you do this.  (I won’t even get into the folks who do this while listening to headphones.)

Riding your tri-bike on the trail

How many times have I seen some idiot on the trail riding down the trail, well above the speed limit, tucked in the areo position on his areo bars?  Come on, this is a really bad idea.  There are so many folks on the trail, especially in the spring and summer, that this really should be avoided.  The areo bar position is not only unstable if you need to react suddenly, but you don’t have access to your brakes.  If you think you’re a pro, then get out on the road where you’re only a danger to yourself in the areo position.

Stopping with a stroller in the middle of the trail

Come on people, do you really want to endanger yourselves and your kids by stopping in the middle of the trail.  Again, as a parent I get it, sometimes Junior just needs some attention.  Sometimes you’re just not completely present as a parent.  Theres a lot to juggle.  But really, would you do this in the middle of the street?  Pull off to the side for your chat.

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