I gave it an honest go, but i365 is dead

I’ve been fascinated by the idea of a 365 project for years.  I’ve considered it several times, but have never excited.  This year would be different, I told myself.  This year, I’d do it with a tool I have with me all the time.  This year, I’ll make it easy.

So I set out to do a 365 project based using the iPhone to capture, edit, and post photos. I started on Jan 1, 2013 and posted steadily for 41 days.

Then it all fell apart.

It’s not that I lost interest.  It’s not that it was difficult.  It’s simply that I’ve got limited opportunities to create something of interest.  When I am traveling, that’s one thing, but when I’m working from home days on end and don’t get out of the house, well, it’s a struggle to find something of interest to photograph.

So, I got honest with myself.  I stopped.  It just didn’t make sense.



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