No. 11 — Empty Roads

No. 11 -- Empty Roads
No. 11 — Empty Roads

It’s been that kind of week. The kind where pretty much everything goes sideways. I didn’t get out on the bike at all in the past 7 days so it took some convincing this morning.

Stepping on the scale helped convince me. I was up, rather than down this week.

Now, I did have a crazy weekend that included a marathon trip to Erie, PA for a surprise party for a buddy. That trip might or might not have included a sidebar to a little place for insane grilled cheese sandwiches. It may have also included a number of high-octane beers and a very late night with some fraternity brothers. So, perhaps, I got what I deserved.

As I left the house this morning there was a light drizzle coming down, making it even more work to turn the peddles.  Briefly, I considered bagging the ride or just riding for a half hour, but I peddled the usual route and fell into the rhythm within 20 minutes.

Then the ride became effortless and I fell into the deep meditation that comes with bicycling and I knew that I’d made the right choice getting up and out even in some light rain.

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