2013 Goal — Get Healthy, Stay Healthy

Mrs. TKD & Mr. Grey
Mrs. TKD & Mr. Grey

After doing a bit of writing, I’ve come to the conclusion that my goal for 2013 is simply to get healthy and stay healthy.  This means fundamentally addressing my weight, diet and exercise plan.

The Why

No octogenarians are over weight!

It’s a fact that I can’t ignore.  A few years ago it hit me one day as I was looking at an elderly couple at church.  Both were thin.  Stick thin.  And I looked around for someone of similar age who wasn’t stick thin and there weren’t any.  I’m still looking for the fat eighty year old and I haven’t found him.

More fundamentally, this is about making sure that I am around for a long time and can spend this life with the two people I love the most, Mrs. TKD and Mr. Grey.

The How

Here’s the sticky wicket.  I’ve tried to do this over the past 2 years and failed.  The reason is because I’ve failed to make it a lifestyle.  So, there are a few things that I plan to do:

  1. Review my goal, the reasons I am focusing on it, and how I plan to get there daily.
  2. Exercise five days a week.
  3. Adhere to a schedule of 2 days per week being meat free.
  4. Log food and activity points with Weight Watchers daily
  5. Stay within my allotted points
  6. Track weight weekly
  7. Reduce my consumption of alcohol.

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