Well, here I am again

UntitledOnce again I back where we started.  Mr. Grey’s birthday is today.  This blog sort of took off, if you can say that about it after Mr. Grey was born.  Reviewing and setting goals has been something that I’ve done this time of year here.

So, lets see…

Last year I renewed my goal of losing 30 pounds.  I made great progress and was actually 50% there in May.  I maintained my weight throughout the summer but didn’t lose any more.  Then it all went to hell in a hand basket and I’m back up to just about where I started.

I also set a goal of three cycling events and one century.  Well, I managed one organized event and one unsupported century.  I’ll take that over three organized events one being a century.  This year was  my biggest year cycling ever — clocking in over 1700 miles and counting (4 days left in the year folks, four days.)

Finally, I planned to reevaluate my relationship with booze.  Well, I’m not sure where I stand on this, I’m not really sure what my desired outcome was.  This one’s going into the monitor and re-evaluate category.

So, for this coming year…

Once again, I’m working on my weight.  I still want to lose the thirty pounds.  I’m starting again now (as opposed to March like last year).  In order to ensure a more successful outcome I’m planning to set a routine up to remind myself daily of this goal.  It is truly the most important goal of the year.

I’m very happy with my cycling efforts of the year.  My goal for next year is to keep it up and to be more consistent.  There have been many months (especially in the second six months of the year) where rides happened only occasionally.  The goal for next year is three rides a week.  They don’t have to be long, but they have to happen.  Three per week.

And really, those are the goals for 2013.

Ride more, lose weight, be healthy.

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