One Saturday in September

Yesterday, I spent nearly the entire day outside. The adventure began with a bike ride with the Severna Park Peloton.  I left for the 7:30 group ride at about 7:00 and enjoyed the ride to the end of the trail.  There were a series of mechanicals that held us up, so I turned around at the end of the trail for sake of time, opting not to go all the way into Annapolis.

Mrs. TKD and I decided to take Mr. Grey on a hike at Patapsco State Park.  We went to the Avalon Area section of the park and had a nice hike that included walking over the swinging bridge.  I’d hoped that this trip would be more successful than previous hiking trips since Mr. Grey is now almost 5 years old.  I was wrong.

Mr. Grey seems to not like hiking very much.  This concerns me as it’s important to get him outdoors.  I think he might like it better if he had a buddy on the hike with him, but every time we take him by ourselves, it turns into an effort to keep him moving.

After our hike we headed out to Baugher’s in Westminster.  The trip out MD140 always fills me with memories.  It is the road home.  I left that part of Maryland in 1992 for the last time and never really looked back, but somehow any time I drive into Carroll County, I feel a strange sort of homesickness.

I guess, you can’t forget your roots, even if you try to.

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