Update: Losing Weight – Slow but Steady

Well, I’ve moved well beyond the little plateau that I was dealing with a few weeks ago and have dropped around 10 additional pounds since mid April, bringing me down to 226.6 on the scale.  This is the lowest I’ve weighed in about 6 years. Paying attention to the amount of beer that I was drinking has helped significantly, though I can’t say that I’ve completely cut it out.  I’ve also added some running to my exercise plan in addition to the cycling.

The cycling however, is the constant.  I’m up to 531 miles as of yesterday afternoon, when I took a ride into Annapolis from Severna Park.  I love that ride and one of the things that’s really great is that I can see my improvement in my numbers.

The naval academy bridge is perhaps one of the biggest “hills” in my normal cycling routes and it’s challenging for a number of reasons.  First, it’s a hill.  Second, there’s generally a fair amount of traffic moving at speeds of 45-50 mph.  Third, the bridge spans the Severn river and there’s usually a stiff crosswind or a headwind to deal with. Did I mention that it’s a hill?   Over the past month, I’ve shaved nearly 30 seconds of my trips across the bridge and yesterday crossed it in 1:29 as opposed to nearly 2 minutes back in March.

I did a tune up of the bike a few months ago at the Bike Doctor in Arnold.  The staff there is great and they do good work.  I replaced my chain at the time and now I’m wishing I’d replaced my tires.  Not that I can’t handle changing a tire, but I might have stretched the useful life out of the pair of Continental Grand Prix 4 Season Tires a bit.  I estimate that they have around 1500 miles on them, which is pretty damn good for a set of doughnuts.  Nevertheless, I’m off to get some new tires later today.

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