Making Progress

Last year, I made a commitment to myself to lose thirty pounds. I did not keep that commitment.

Going into this year, I made the same commitment, and did nothing about it in January or February. On Wednesday February 29th, everything would change. I ate a salad at lunch. That salad would be the catalyst for change, but not in the way you may be thinking.

Food poisoning. Within six hours, I was sick, really sick. And I was deriving from Philadelphia to Severna Park. Sparing you the details, I’ll just say that things weren’t right with my system for about a week.

I dropped five pounds.

A few years ago one of the best doctors I’ve ever known said to me, “you’re getting to the age when you need to make a choice about whether you age going to live to be eighty or ninety, or die in your fifties or sixties.” I probably should have headed that warning sooner, but here I am, facing my fortieth birthday and I’ve decided that this better not be the 2/3ds milestone of my life.

So after being violently sick, and dropping five pounds, it seemed like an ideal time to begin a journey toward a healthier life. I began making changes. I started tracking my food intake with the weight watchers tools. I started going to the gym and riding my bike more frequently. I stopped drinking beers during the week. All of these changes started to add up and really become force multipliers.

Losing weight was certainly the primary goal, but there have been other benefits.

I have struggled with mild depression most of my adult life. I have also suffered from terrible migraines for as long as I can remember. After a few days (yes, days) of regular exercise, I noticed my mood improving dramatically. I used to wake every night several times a night. Now I am sleeping through the night most nights. I haven’t had a major headache in weeks.

To be fair, I’ve also started going for regular acupuncture appointments for my headaches and I’ve also made changes with respect to supplements. I’m now religious about my vitamin D, vitamin b12, and fish oil supplements.

I know that all of these subtle changes have made a dramatic impact on the quality of my life. I’ve lost 6.2 pounds in a month. It’s not coming off at breakneck speed, but it is coming off. Also, I’m positive that I’m building muscle which weighs more than fat because all of my pants are getting tone super loose.

But the best affirmation was the other day when a neighbor asked,”have you lost weight?”

That really made me smile. I’m still smiling about it.

2 thoughts on “Making Progress

  1. I just had a complete physical done, which pointed out several things that I can be doing to improve my own health. I’m starting on the supplements as well.

    Good for you for being proactive– glad to hear that you’re seeing evidence of taking care of yourself.


    1. Thanks for the note, Lisa. It’s pretty amazing how quickly taking care of myself has resulted in an overall sense of better well being. Here’s hoping you find the same!


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