You know what they say about best laid plans

Yeah, they often go awry.

I’d planned to get up this morning for the group ride with the peloton. I’ve got to say that when I woke at 6:00 and it was pitch fucking black outside and 39 F to boot, I could only roll over, turn off the alarm set for 6:30, and go back to sleep. It was a pretty simple decision I have to say. Sure, I’d have liked to make the group ride but I’ve been riding solo for months, so whats another day?

In truth, I do kind of wish I’d have gotten up for that ride because it would have been good to sync up with some faces that I’ve not seen in a long time. However, I had a great ride on my own this morning.

I left around 8:45 and while it was only 42 F, at least the sun was up. This was the fourth day in a row of riding and I could feel it in my legs as I started out. Today’s ride wasn’t going to break any land speed records, and it didn’t. I averaged 14 and change and my max speed was in the range of 19 mph. Still, it was a great ride.

There is something magical about riding in the fall. The low angle of the light, the leaves rattling under your tires, the colors on the trees and the crisp air make for a very enjoyable ride.  I rode for about 13 miles before heading home.  Thee little man and I were headed to Kinder Farm Park to meet up with my long time friend and her girls.  I felt like I could have easily gone for another 13 miles today despite the fact that my toes were starting to go numb, and if I’d made that group ride, I probably would have.

I’m still trying to work out how to keep my feet toasty warm.  Today, I wore a thin wool base layer sock, some thick wool socks, my shoes and neoprene covers lined with micro fleece.  If anyone has any recommendations on a change in gear, I’d appreciate hearing them.

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