A Good Plan, Interrupted

I woke around 5:30 yesterday morning with a bad feeling. It was in my gut and accompanied by some wicked heartburn. And I felt sore in my back. This happens on occasion, both the heartburn and the stiffness in the back, so I didn’t really think much of it, but tried to go back to sleep. Around 7:30 I got up and made some pancakes for Mr. Grey, Mrs. TKD and her mom who was visiting. Three pancakes for me and I knew that this was going to be a rough day. I was sick. Really sick. And I needed to lie down.

I am not one to spend a lot of time in bed when the sun is shining.  We had beautiful weather, as far as I could tell from my bed, yesterday.  I stayed in bed all day.  All i could drink was seltzer water and a bit of ginger-ale.   Forget about eating.

So, as you might expect, I didn’t get out on the bike yesterday.  So much for 30 days of cycling.  Here’s the thing though, as cool as it sounds to take on a challenge, there are limits.  Life throws curve balls, and “the rules” of a challenge need to bend.  So, while I won’t technically get 30 straight days in, I’m still looking forward to getting back on the bike, maybe not today as I’m still not near my peak, but perhaps tomorrow.

And when I am back on the bike, I’ll ride as often as I can, striving for a ride every day, and I’ll be better for it.

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