Sore on Day Four

IMG_0806I started 30 days of cycling on October 4th, and have thus far kept to the goal.  I’m on day 4 and I’ve got to say that my legs are giving me a bit of a beat down today.  I’ll work past it, by taking a shorter less intense spin this afternoon.  Since I started this week, I’ve logged 51 miles, which has put me over 700 for the year.  I’m not a big mileage guy I guess, but maybe that will change.

Tuesday’s ride was a 17 mile ride over some rolling hills and the gentle flatness of the B&A trail near my house.  Wednesday was a simple end of the trail and back kind of day, and yesterday was a 21 mile ride over rolling hills and the B&A trail again.  Today, I plan to get out after my last concall for work and hit the trial for a slower recovery ride spin.  That will probably tack on an additional 12-13 miles and put me around 63 or 64 for miles for the work week.

I am probably going to get up and join my local group ride tomorrow which will put another 26 on the odometer, but it is an early ride on a Saturday, so I may have to sleep in on that one.  We’ll see.

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