Ride around in circles

IMG_0573So often, going for a bike ride involves too much work. We suit up in our gear – spandex shorts, jerseys, clip-in shoes – and grab a few bottles of water, maybe some advanced electrolyte replacement drinks. A bar that resembles a granola bar, but is actually engineered food. Then we hit the road and ride concentrating on form, speed, cadence, distance…

You know the drill.

Yesterday, Mr. Grey and I took a spin on our bikes after I was done with work. We rode around in circles in the court for about an hour. Pure enjoyment.

Here’s a challenge. Get out on a bike with no special gear – no padded shorts, clip-in shoes, gloves. Just a bike with platform peddles, you and a helmet. Go for a ride with no destination. Just point your bike down the street and peddle. There’s no need to concentrate on your cadence. No need to clock your miles. No need to ride fast.

This is what we did as kids. Riding with no particular intent. Not looking for exercise. When was the last time you did that?

Give it a try! It will do wonders for you. I promise.

2 thoughts on “Ride around in circles

  1. Ha ha. This is what I do whenever I ride, since I rely on Capital Bikeshare (for now at least). I don’t even have a helmet!

    Once we move, I will probably get a bike of my own. And a helmet. Maybe bike shorts. But I do not foresee clip on shoes in my future.


    1. I love the fact that the capital bikeshare has been so successful. I stopped into the baltimore bicycle works today and was reminded of exactly why I love baltimore versus dc. – good old grit

      They had some awesome bikes – a few customs built on premises – big buckerage though


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