Life without Facebook

dennis_deanna_wedding005Well folks, it’s been a little over a month since I deactivated my Facebook account and it’s been a good month. First off, I’ll admit that I did login last week. I looked around for about five minutes and decided to deactivate it again. There really isn’t a whole lot that I’m missing by not tuning into Facebook on a daily basis.

The first few days, maybe the first week, it was strange. I missed the constant feedback. I missed the chatter. I have maintained my twitter account and it took a beating the first few weeks. I was tweeting like a madman for sure, but that has subsided. I got hooked into google+ – and really that’s a bit of a disappointment in one respect and a pleasure in another. There’s much less of the “my cat took a shit in the toilet” kind of status updates on it.

But, even when it’s all said and done, I can firmly say that I don’t miss Facebook, and my life has been richer without it. A few examples are in order. When I talk to my best friends from college, I’ve actually got something to talk about – because I haven’t seen all their status updates. When I talk to my family, I’ve actually got news to share with them. And more importantly, they don’t know all the things that I’m up to minute by minute (sorry Ma I know you’d like to hear more from me.) I’m not bombarded by updates from people who really aren’t my friends anymore – maybe we were at some point, but really, after 20 years of no contact, I’m not sure we are anymore. Perhaps acquaintances…old school chums, but not friends.

I’ve spent more time with my son and better time with my wife. And I’m digging things a lot more.

I’m sure I’m missing some things, here and there, but I’m okay with that. Because I’m back out there, living a real life, instead of a status update.

4 thoughts on “Life without Facebook

  1. indeed facebook is a cesspool of useless information. My life has been a thousands times less stressful after I deleted mine. Why does this generation still seem to desire to carry on with drama even after high school ends?


  2. Congrats. I’m happy to hear it’s working out for you. I’m on day 2 and now I go to linkedin instead. Hopefully my job search will be more focused when I’m not spending time commenting on other people’s lives.

    Was anyone upset when you deleted your account? I’m hoping my friends and family will contact me before assuming I deleted them… I know my mom will be disappointed, LOL. Oh well.

    See you around, and not on facebook!


    1. When I deactivated my account, I used Yahoo Address book to pull the emails from all my FB friends and sent them a note explaining why I was leaving. I got a lot of responses from them, but no one was angry.


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