Deleting 802.1x Profiles under Mac OSX Lion

It’s been pretty well documented elsewhere that Lion requires the use of either configuration files generated by the iPhone configuration utility or enabling “Automatic Connection” under the 802.1x pane in the Network configuration under System Prefs.  Unfortunately, when you enable automatic configuration and subsequently authenticate to a 802.1x switch under Lion, no profile gets populated in the view of the network configuration.

Now, if you are a general user and you’ve just connected to your dot1x network, successfully authenticated, and you’re just going to continue to use that connection for ever, this is probably a good idea.  But if you’re a network engineer who is actively testing dot1x, this behavior can be frustrating.

The question of how to delete a profile comes up.  The answer is relatively simple.  Since we’re dealing with Authentication, it stands to reason that Keychain Access holds the key (pun intended) to this problem.  Here’s how to find that profile and delete it:

  1. Open keychain access and search for 802.1x.
  2. Highlight the key named “Default” that comes up – in theory the name may be different if you have a number of profiles already.
  3. Double click it to ensure that it’s the right set of credentials.
  4. Delete the key from keychain access.

The next time you connect to that switch, you’ll be prompted for your credentials again.  When you enter the credentials, you’ll be authenticated (assuming you’ve got a functioning connection to your RADIUS server) and a new key will be added to your keychain.

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