Impromptu rides are often the best rides

Me and Mr. Grey, the RADDEST little bike rider in the world

You know how it goes.  The weekend whips by and you do a ton of things on your todo list around the house, but you don’t get a ride in.  You’ll admit that happens won’t you?  I’m not alone in this, am I?  Didn’t think so.

The morning started out a wee early when Mr. Grey got up at 6:24.  Mrs. TKD was out for her MWF run at 6:00 and he was not happy about the fact that mommy wasn’t here.  To be fair, he usually doesn’t wake up and not have Mommy home.  Mr. Grey and I watched some quality PBS programing with milk and coffee.  He had milk, I had coffee.  Everyone had some form of breakfast, and we headed outside in a vain effort to beat the heat and get a little gardening done.  That’s when my neighbor Dave rolled up, “You up for a ride, or are you tied up in your projects already?”

It didn’t take me long to calculate that I was going sweat my ass off no matter what, it was a choice of doing it in the yard or doing it in the saddle.  The saddle won.  I did check with the boss first, but she said that it would be okay.

Dave and I have never ridden together before so I wasn’t sure what to expect.  He is a few years older than me but a pretty fit guy.  He does triathlons.  I don’t.

We cruised out of the neighborhood at about 17 Mph and kept the pace high for the first 12 miles, then I started to lag a bit.  No worries though, I knew the route and Dave wasn’t going to drop me anyway.  Every now and then he’d slow down and I’d catch up.  We rode a 30 mile ride in under two hours, with an average pace (for me) of 16.39 Mph.  There was one mile where I averaged 21 Mph.

When I got home, my boy wanted desperately to “ride with” me and so we did.

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