I can ride in the rain

Sure I can.

But I chose not to today. Actually, that’s not quite true. I got up around 6:20 and looked outside. It was wet and overcast but didn’t appear to be raining. I decided to give my local peloton ride a shot.

With all the crazy scheduling of the past three weeks I haven’t been out on my bike in a while. Gear was scattered all around the house. Shoes in the closet, leg warmers in the laundry room, bibs in the drawer, gloves – where are the damned gloves – one shoe cover missing. Does not bode well.

I snarfed down an english muffin with peanut butter and a banana, made some sports drink and headed outside. It wasn’t quite raining, but it certainly was precipitating. As I was about to hop on the bike without lights, I though better of that, and took some time to put them on. I also had to repack my saddle bag since I’d cleaned my bike thoroughly the last time I was out.

Air. You need to check your tires, i thought as I mounted the bike for the second time. Low pressure, pump, running late.

Is that rain? Fuckit, I’m riding anyway — I’ve come this far.

I peddled out of the neighborhood and headed for the appointed start of the ride. The rain started to get steadier. I had fingerless gloves and no shoe covers. My ass was already soaked.

The question of why I was riding came to mind. Was I riding to train? (Sort of) Was I riding because I haven’t been out in a while? (Yes) Was I riding to have a little bit of fun by myself this morning? (Definitely) Was this ride going to be fun? (No)

I bailed. Not because I couldn’t have hung in on the ride. Not because I didn’t want to see my local peloton. Not for any other reason than this…I wanted to have a good time on the ride today and that wasn’t gonna happen.

Now it’s time to make some coffee and revisit the day’s agenda.

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