Three Weeks to the Light


April is a blur.

I’ve been keeping insane hours since the beginning of the month. Each week has been wall to wall busy with different projects, trips, and me bouncing from one meeting to another with barely any downtime to actually do any of the work that I need to do.

I’ve been down to Florida, for a day trip. Out to Virginia for nearly a week, and out to Sunnyvale, CA for a whirlwind trip consisting of two full days of travel for a single day of meetings.

As this week comes to a close, I’m excited about the fact that I have completed my part of a large proposal (save any last minute edits that need to occur over the weekend — I’m hoping for none, but doubt that will work out) and to have knocked off a list of 15 “action items” throughout the day.

I’m actually finishing the week with a clean slate for next week. I’ve got a chance to breath.

And that’s what I’m gonna do. Breathe in the air, the smell of soaked wet ground, and enjoy a few minutes of solitude.

Unplugging won’t do in this age of wireless and 3G, what’s needed is a shutdown, a black out. Maybe a lead suit that will protect me from all forms of communications.

It’s been a long three weeks. Even on this dark and rainy afternoon though, I finally see a bit of light.

I’m headed toward that light.

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