Not Quite a Pilgrims Progress…but Progress Nonetheless

Three and a half weeks ago, I took inventory of my goals for 2011 and realized that I was falling short on the most important one of the three.  I’d set out to lose 30 pounds in January and hadn’t changed a thing about my lifestyle that would get me on track.

I’ve been “on weight watchers” now for three and a half weeks.  I’ve had some ups and downs, but overall I’m down by 5.5 pounds.  That’s 18% of my goal, in just three weeks.Looking Down

I expected being “on weight watchers” to be difficult.  I’d done the program before about 10 years ago and it was frustrating.  I felt like I couldn’t eat any of the things that I wanted to eat.  As many people know, I love food.  I’m not just talking about a casual love affair with food, I’m talking about a full-bore passion for food.  Nothing makes me happier than to spend an afternoon cooking a huge meal for friends and then sharing it with them over a few beers and some wine.  I was worried that making changes to my lifestyle would put a damper on my cooking.

But it really hasn’t.

For one thing, the program has changed and there is less emphasis on fiber as the solution to all woes, less emphasis on processed sugar alternatives and more of an emphasis on eating the right amounts of all kinds of foods.  I can use olive oil, sugar, even butter.  I don’t have to deprive myself of the good things in life. I can have a real beer (not a watery light beer) with my meals and not feel guilty.

I even cooked chicken parmesan twice in these three weeks.  And that would have been out of the question on the old program.

Of course, I’m also way more active than I was ten years ago.  Not as active as I’d like to be, but I logged about 120 miles on the bike in March.  I’m keeping track with a great little app on my iPhone now called cyclemeter so next month I won’t be estimating my miles.

One thought on “Not Quite a Pilgrims Progress…but Progress Nonetheless

  1. I’m trying to shed a little too. I went for the insanity workout program as a method though. So far, so good but it’s a brutal workout.

    Keep up the good work!


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