You gotta take the ups with the downs

ApplesLosing weight, like investing, is a long-term goal.  Some weeks will be better than others.  I know this.  Still, last week when I stepped on the scale and was up a half a pound instead of down I had a sinking feeling.  To be fair, the first week of my Weight Watcher’s experience was unusual.  I lost over 4 pounds according to the scale.  This week was probably more realistic.  I tried to tell myself that I was still down by 3.4 pounds, but I wasn’t gaining much traction with that thinking.

So, on Friday, I had a choice.  I could let the slight increase bring me down (interesting that an up is a down here) or I could reinvest in myself and make some positive changes over the weekend.  I knew I’d had a few more beers than I should have during the week, and I’d eaten a few extra snacks when I really didn’t need to, and I’d missed the mark on my fruit and veggie intake.  I also didn’t get to the gym.

I still didn’t get to the gym over the weekend, but I didn’t need to because I hit the road on my bike and logged 71.72 miles over two days.  I limited my beer intake and upped my fruit and veggie intake.  I got myself back on track.  And I broke a “rule” of weight loss this morning – I weighed myself outside of my designated weigh-in day.  Happily, I was down 2 10ths of a pound.

It was good to see that number on the scale.  I’m moving in the right direction and I feel great.  And that’s what this is all about.

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