Update on 2011 Goals — New Developments

Earlier this year, I wrote about setting realistic goals for myself. The three goals I listed were:

  • Loose about 30 pounds. Yes, 30.
  • Choose three cycling events for the year. At least one must be a century.
  • Take Mr. Grey to a park once a week and spend an hour playing with him.

I’m happy to report that I’ve managed to choose three cycling events for the year, and one is a century. I’ll be riding on May 7th at the Six Pillars Century on the Eastern Shore. I will not be doing the century however, just the 56 mile ride. I also plan to ride in the MS ride in Gettysburg, PA in July (another 60 miler) and the Seagull Century on the eastern shore in October.

I have not managed to take Mr. Grey to a park once a week, but I have managed to spend quality time with him on a weekly basis, which is really what that goal was all about.

Where I’ve fallen down is on the weight goal. I haven’t done anything to move forward on that goal, until this past weekend.

As I was cycling on Saturday (the first time since my first ride of the year in January) I made the decision that I would indeed dedicate myself to losing weight and getting fit. I was thinking primarily about re-dedicating myself to hitting the gym. I was thinking about making time to go to the gym and maybe even looking into a personal trainer. I really wasn’t thinking about losing weight as much as thinking about getting fit.

Then, I had one of those epiphany type moments later that day in REI.

I had gone to REI to try on some cycling jackets. In particular, I was looking for something that was a bit more Hi-Viz than what I have today. There has been a Gore brand jacket I’ve been lusting over for some time that conveniently converts into a vest and has all the pockets in all the right places.

I thought my barrier to entry with this jacket would be the price. I was wrong.

The XL doesn’t fit. I’m too fat.

So, I started to re-evaluate why I was thinking about getting more fit. I looked back at my goals. I joined Weight Watchers again.

I’m pretty excited about the prospect of Weight Watchers. They have re-vamped the program with a stronger emphasis on carbs rather than calories and fat. I get a ton more “points” per week than the last time I did this and I was able to eat pretty much all the things that I wanted to over the weekend. I haven’t found any crazy substitutions in recipes (like black beans as an ingredient to brownies – YUCK). I even had a few beers and didn’t have to sacrifice and make them “light” beers.

In addition, they have made online and mobile tools available to members who go to meetings. This makes tracking my food intake a breeze. No more carrying around a crazy slide rule and little book filled with points values of foods I don’t eat.

I can already feel a difference after just two days – not necessarily in weight but in attitude and mood. I’m uplifted. I woke this morning at 6:38 when Mr. Grey threw his pig at me and actually felt good. I can’t remember the last time I felt good in the morning.

2 thoughts on “Update on 2011 Goals — New Developments

  1. Good luck with your goals and congratulations on sticking with them to this point (when most folks have already abandoned their New Year’s Resolutions). I’ve never ridden the Seagull Century but I’ve heard good things about it. It should be a great end to your season!


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