I walked in and the TV was on the floor…

The other day, when I got home from an appointment in DC, I entered the house to find our television stilling on the floor in front of the cabinet that normally holds it.  My 3-year-old angel had pulled it out and miraculously not been killed when it hit the floor.  I’ve been debating what to do in terms of a replacement — it doesn’t work anymore and is now in the electronics recycling at the local dump.  See, I personally don’t watch a whole lot of TV and really couldn’t care that I don’t have a TV in the house right now.  But, I’m not the only inhabitant of the house and we may decide to replace it.

I’ve been living in the stone age when it comes to TV, the set that was destroyed was a 27 inch SD television that my wife and I purchased about 7 years ago.  I know it doesn’t make sense to replace it with another SD set, but I get  dizzy when I think about replacement options:  Plasma, LCD, LED, Set-top-box upgrade, streaming, video on demand, what to do?

Plasmas are pretty much out of the question based upon power consumption.  We also don’t have the space for a projection TV.  So, that leaves LCD or LED.  If we go with a HDTV replacement, I’m leaning toward LED from a power use perspective.  But it occurs to me that there may be a better way.

I’ve considered simply getting a snazzy new computer with a hot shit graphics card and a nice display (maybe a 27 inch widescreen for example) and killing the monthly TV bill all together.  With hulu, netflix and pandora (for music) why do I need to pay for my TV?  Sure I can’t watch things in real-time, but is that a big deal?  Most people I know don’t watch TV in real-time anymore anyway.

So, it’s time for a poll.  Help me make my decision, please?!?

2 thoughts on “I walked in and the TV was on the floor…

  1. We’ve been thinking of the same issues, as owners of a 27-inch 7 year-old 100 pound box. My brother mentioned getting a nice monitor, since we don’t have cable anyway. I never knew it was possible!


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