A new TLD goldrush?

Okay, I just got an email from my registrar advertising a deal on .CO domain names. Among the details were that there were only 700 thousand .co domain names registered and as a result, I could get a great domain name in the .co domain pretty easily.

I can feel it coming, a new rush on domain names. Everything will be .co — crazy.co, mrTsfunkymonkey.co, target.co, nedsoldrustynails.co. Back in the late nineties you couldn’t listen to the radio without hearing DOTCOM blah,blah,blah,blah DOTCOM…

Enough already. I don’t need anymore domain name. I don’t need steady.net or steady.com, or steady.tv or steady.cc or steady.me or any other steady.whatever. I have had steady.org since 1996 and really, I think I’ll just keep it that way.

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