Reclaim a single hour?

If I had a time machine and was going to reclaim a single hour of my life, I’d return to a beautiful early summer day in 2003.  It was a Sunday at the end of the first weekend that Mrs. TKD spent entirely together.  We’d been dating for a few months and had been on several dates, progressed to spending the night at one another’s houses, but we’d never spent the whole weekend together.  Neither of us wanted the weekend to end, but time was marching on.  We drove down to a park on the Potomac river and sat in the grass as the sun was fading watching planes land at DCA.

The hour we spent there felt like magic.  We had nothing pressing on us.  Neither of us had any other obligation at that very time and we were able to completely relax and enjoy the beauty of our surroundings and the love that had started to grow between us.  I think about that hour often and always wish I could go back and re-live those moments.

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