Anyone who professes love

Anyone who professes to love big conferences is immediately suspect in my mind.

I’ve been at our global sales conference here in Las Vegas since Sunday and while there have been some great moments, the bulk of the time is tedious and tiresome.  My days are filled from 7:30 AM until 9:30 with planned sessions.  There are two breaks and lunch planned during the day for a total of — get this — 2 hours and 15 minutes of “down time.”

And even that isn’t really down time because, well, we’re in Vegas and even if the sensory overload doesn’t get you, the resort is so big that getting from the convention hall to your room is a 20 minute walk.  So, rolling back to the room for a quick power nap is a non-starter.

There are over 2000 of us here in Vegas and that presents some real logistical problems when it comes to food.  I’ve not had a proper meal since I go there.  Every meal has been eaten standing up and has consisted of mostly appetizers.

On the upside, since it’s on the west coast, they are serving Fat Tire.

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