It’s the Little Things

The little things in life really do make life worth living.  Since I took my new job, I’ve been able to spend time with my son almost every morning.  It’s not much time, perhaps an hour or so right after we get up.  I should say, right after he gets me up.  He’s not coming in to the room and waking me up, that would be far too civilized for a three-year old.  He calls to me from his bed.  I wake up every day to, “DAADDEEEE…”

After going to his room, I stumble down the hall after him bleery eyed.  I get him a cup of milk and I start my coffee ritual.  I’m always mildly annoyed that his morning drink of choice takes 45 seconds to make and mine takes minutes, but that’s not his fault.  Then we chill out and watch Curious George together.  After that, we have a little breakfast.

This routine developed rather quickly after I left my last job and I’ve got to say, I really do love it.  At the last gig, I was up and out of the house by 6:00 AM.  The only mornings Mr. Grey and I had were on the weekends.

I know our little routine will fade away at some point, as he gets bigger, but for now I won’t trade it for anything — not even a few more minutes of sleep on those days when he wakes before the sun is up.

3 thoughts on “It’s the Little Things

    1. Oh yeah, he’s been diggin on coffee from an early age. I think he started talking about coffee right after he started talking. He likes to “help” me make my coffee and sometimes he has “his coffee” (an empty plastic mug) with me on the couch. It rocks.


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