Getting Clean — Life without Facebook

I’ve written before about the ills of social networking.  I’ve even announced my intention to quit facebook publicly on this blog before.  I came across this video last night as I was supposedly getting ready for bed — checking my facebook, twitter, and tumblr accounts one last time on my iphone.  The message is in sync with a lot of what I’ve felt about facebook over the past few months.

My new job has actually kept me busy enough that I really don’t even have time to check facebook.  So, I’ve de-activated the account again.  Assuming that things go well, which I expect they will — I intend to completely delete the account within a month.

2 thoughts on “Getting Clean — Life without Facebook

  1. I very rarely check fb anymore and don’t post much of anything at all. A new strategy just occured to me – i might just post my email address as my status and just let the rest of it rot


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