Starting now: 2011

Another year is done and gone and a new one is upon us.  2010 was marked by my biking, for the first time I got serious about riding on a regular basis.  I rode strong and hard for several months, but then started to slow down after I was finished with my MS ride in July.

I learned a lot about myself through my time in the saddle:

  • I really need to take more time for myself.
  • I enjoy a group ride, but I’m also partial to going solo.
  • I really can exercise on a regular basis if I set a goal.
  • It is important to have goals to keep the motivation up.

That last one is key.  I am not one for new years resolutions — they usually start off with zeal and then fall flat.  Last year I “resolved” to go to the gym three times a week.  I did for about two weeks.  The simple fact is that there was no goal in mind when I set that resolution.  Last week, Heidi Swift wrote about goals.  For those who don’t know she is a journalist who concentrates on cycling.  I started paying attention to her posts last year after she started following me on twitter.


So, I’m setting goals this year.  I’ve got a few of them in mind:

  • Loose about 30 pounds.  Yes, 30.
  • Choose three cycling events for the year.  At least one must be a century.
  • Take Mr. Grey to a park once a week and spend an hour playing with him.

Action Plan

If I’m going to succeed in these goals, I’ll need an action plan.

In order to lose 30 pounds, I’ll need to make a concerted effort to reduce my overall caloric intake and increase my activity.  Luckily, goal number 2 ties in with this goal.  To that end, I will concentrating on my eating habits.  I like red meat but don’t eat that much of it – and what I do eat now is mostly bison.  I also like fatty and salty foods – think french fries.  In general, I think my eating habits are relatively good, but I continue to fail to lose weight.  Thus, a concerted examination of my daily intake is warranted.  I suspect that my real weakness is less in a specific kind of food and more in the quantity.  Of course, there is one thing I know that contributes to my weight — beer.  I love beer and most of what I drink is “craft” beer with as many as 350 calories per beer.  Have 2 or 3 and I’ve taken in nearly half of my calories for the day.

The other factor in loosing weight will be activity.  My second goal is complementary to my first goal.  I really had a blast working up to my MS ride last year, but once it was done, I slacked off.  I am planning to find three events this year to ride in.  One will be the MS ride, and the other two will be in the spring and fall respectively.  I’m pretty sure that the fall ride will be the Seagull Century on the eastern shore, but I need to find a ride to train for in the spring.

The last goal, is really pretty easy on the surface and its all about spending quality time with my boy.  It will just be a matter of making it a priority and putting it in the calendar.

Now that I’ve set some goals, and have some action plans, it’s time to get to it.

2011 is going to be a good ride, I suspect.

4 thoughts on “Starting now: 2011

  1. I am so right there with you on the weight thing. I eat mostly healthy (at least I don’t eat a lot of processed foods), but also eat PLENTY. And I loves me some IPA.

    I look forward to reading about your success and being inspired.


  2. I’m in too Dame. Maybe we could do some dinners focusing on high flavor but low cal. Will have to keep my ex-boyfriend butter at bay.


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