Onion and Mushroom Sauce

As the days turn cold, I’m hankering for some warming comfort food.  Things like soups, stews, mashed potatoes, and roasted meats are coming to mind.

Last night I didn’t have a plan for dinner, which was not too out of the ordinary for a Friday.  I was planning to go to the store and just figure it out.  One thing led to another and before I knew it, my wife was going to the store and I was staying home with our son.  Mrs. TKD asked if there was anything I wanted but I really was at a loss, so I told her to get whatever she felt like and I’d cook it.

Mrs. TKD came home with fixings for turkey burgers and some bone in pork chops.  I suggested that I’d like to make meatloaf with the ground turkey.  Mrs. TKD was not a fan of that idea last night.  So I needed to come up with something to do with the pork chops.  I did not want to grill them because I really wanted a “Fall” type meal.  So I decided to bread them and bake them.  Mrs. TKD said that she thought some mushroom gravy would be good.  So I put together this sauce based on guidance from Mark Bittman’s book, How to Cook Everything.

Onion and Mushroom Sauce

2 Large Onions (sliced)
1 cup chopped portabello or cremini mushrooms
3 tbsp. butter
3 tbsp. flour
3 cups beef stock (warmed)
1 tsp. salt
1 tsp. pepper

Start the onions in a large sauté pan without any butter or oil over medium low heat.  Cook them for about 15 minutes until they are starting to turn translucent and stick to the pan.  Add mushrooms and butter to the pan.  Increase the heat to medium and cook for about 20 minutes until the onions have caramelized.  Add flour to the pan and mix in well.  At this point you are basically making a roux.  Cook this for about 5 minutes stirring frequently. The longer you cook it the darker your sauce will be.  Add broth 1 cup at a time and continue cooking until you’ve achieved your desired thickness.  Add salt and pepper.

I served this over the breaded pork chops and paired them with potatoes lyonnaise  and roasted beats.

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