Thankful to have had a great weekend

Last week was, well, pretty much a disaster.  That happens when you have a re-organization in your department, followed by a gunman in your building.  I was not immediately affected but I was in the building and had to be evacuated.  I took Thursday and Friday away from the office.

The weekend was much better.  We finally got a break in the heat and the weather could not have been better.  I slept in on Saturday (a truly rare luxury).  We’d planned to go hiking but that did not materialize over the weekend.  That was fine.DSC_0091.JPG

I spent a lot of time reading Blue Highways, by William Least Heat-Moon.  It was striking to me that he was concerned about many of the things that I am concerned about today (Consumerism, Franchises, etc) nearly 30 years ago when the book was published.

I also spent a lot of time behind the lens of my camera.  Got lots of great shots of the boy over the weekend, which will be posted on flickr.

Kind of a rambling post, here, but that happens sometimes.  I’m back in the office today.

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