One more poem from the vault

Back in college, there was a popular class called “Arts 15: Introduction to the popular performing arts” — otherwise known as the history of rock and roll.  The professor was, shall we say, opinionated.  One test question that is still stuck in my craw follows:

The greatest rock and roll band of all time was:

  1. The Who
  2. The Beatles
  3. The Rolling Stones
  4. Queen

His expected answer was “The Beatles”.  I firmly disagree.  It was the Stones.

Here is a poem I wrote at that time.

Arts Fifteen With
Professor Kelly

Arts Fifteen
What a drag?
Kelly mutters
On and on
About nothing
That’s really
Only opinions,
your opinions;
For us to
Gestate, and,
As if they
Were fact on
Your pointed
Examinations in
Arts Fifteen.

These are not
Facts which you
Preach to us
In One-eleven
Forum building,
Between 3:30
And 4:20 PM,
Monday, Wednesday,
And Friday–
Yet you test
Us to see
If we listen,
And accept
Your fucked up
Ideas about
The quality
Of popular
Performing arts.
Who died
And left you God?

© @soberboots

2 thoughts on “One more poem from the vault

  1. Hmmm…what the hell kind of a test question is that? While I love The Beatles there is no right or wrong answer here. I can’t believe that you were expected to actually choose a “right” answer. That’s like asking what is the best way to make a steak or what is the best Rocky movie. My best won’t be the same as your best. What a pompous ass of a prof.


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