Found: Old Poems

Nearly a year ago I wrote about Lost Talents.  I wrote about poems that I had written in college.  Shortly after that post, my good friend sent me scans of many (but not all) of those poems.  I was blessed, but many of them were incomplete drafts. I started hunting on old hard drives at that point.  This week, another friend booted up an old server “” which had my home directory from 2004.  And that was a goldmine I found a directory called “files” which had all my poems from college and some other interesting things as well.

Here is a poem I wrote over the course of many weeks in 1992.  I’ll be posting several over the next couple of weeks.   I wrote this for a woman who I’ve known since fourth grade.  We’ve largely lost touch, but I think of her every time I see a horse farm.

A Letter to Laura

Remember that Friday night,
In August of nineteen-ninety?
The air was cool and unseasonable,
More like autumn.
I had stopped to see you
The last time before leaving
For college the next day.

The fields around your house
Seemed secluded; but they weren’t.
The first stars appeared
In the eastern sky, while the sun
Dropped below the Blue Ridge range.
Our summer ended,
And lives began once again in mystery.
As the blue-black night settled around us,
The light in the garage
Cast our shadows
On all those little rocks,
In the driveway.
We didn’t have time to spare,
No reminiscing, philosophizing,
Or long goodbye’s that night.
Inside, your family waited;
Packing for the day.
I had to get home myself,
But could not leave you.
I hoped that something more
Than a simple goodbye
Might bring us together that night.

I looked into your eyes as I often had,
Not knowing what to expect.
You smiled, but a tear still formed
In the corner of your eye.
You whispered some phrase
That only God knows now.
But your tight, forced smile
Would not allow fear or sadness,
We had to be strong, again.

Like the sister I never had,
You held me tightly.
And in that moment,
I saw the sparks of an old romance
That never caught fire,
Flicker and fade.

You said leaving was hard
And it was damned hard
As I walked slowly to the car
And began the drive down
The gravel into the dark, night.

© @soberboots

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