4.12.2003 – A day I’d relive again and again


That would be the day that I’d go back and relive if I could. The day started as most Saturdays did in my late 20s – late to get up and slightly hung over, a cup of coffee, followed by another. I had big plans to meet up with about 15 of my Fraternity brothers for Michael Jordan’s second to last game with the Wizards. We were all set to meet up at 6:00 for a bite to eat before the game. I had about 7 hours to kill so I decided to go for a walk on the C&O canal through Carderock.

It was a beautiful spring day. One of the first when people could actually where shorts. I’d been single for 3 years after breaking up with a girl who I actually considered marrying at one point. I was starved for some affection – well, really, I needed to get laid. I remember scoping out all of the women on the trail and thinking that it would be great if I just had the guts to talk to one, but I didn’t.

I was out on the trail for a long time and had to rush to get back, get showered, and get downtown for the big meetup. My buddy Gus was late and I was irritated. We ended up wolfing down some grub at Fado and rushing to the game. Gus had his cranky pants on. He split early. Luckily, I had 15 dudes in tow. The game ended, we went to a bar, it was beat. I decided to lead the boys on a charge to Capital Hill. On the way I called my buddy Dennis, his report was that he’d been at a new Martini bar and that it was beat. He was going home to crash. It was like 10:30. I flat out told him, “No, you’re not. I’ve got 15 Dphi boys with me – meet me at the Capital Lounge.”

And that was where fate started to play into the night. The Cap Lounge is a small venue with very limited seating. I rolled in with a bunch of dudes and we were all crowded around a 4 top table. There were two women sitting at the table next to Dennis. One had on a pink gingham shirt and sparkled flip flops. She was cute.

Dennis, leans over and says, “Hey you guys mind if my buddies steal a seat of two.” The girl in gingham says, “well, I guess not.” And that was the beginning of the most magical night of my life. After much prodding from Dennis’ then girlfriend, I started talking to the girl in gingham. We talked for literally hours and at the end of the night I was petrified about asking for her number. (I’d never actually asked for a number in a bar – yeah, I know that doesn’t sound believable, but it is the flat out truth). At any rate, she gave me here card – which is still in my wallet today.

I called her the following Monday, and six months later we got engaged. Today, she is Mrs. TKD and she is the love of my life.

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